Absolute unit Conor McGregor responds to photoshop rumors

Conor McGregor (right) in 2015 (photo by Andrius Petrucenia / Wikimedia Commons)

When it comes to the world of UFC, few names have the kind of recognition like the Irish mixed martial artist Conor McGregor.

Recently, the fighter has been rehabilitating for a forthcoming planned UFC lightweight comeback after sustaining a broken leg while going up against fellow MMA fighter Dustin Poirier over the summer, according to Mirror UK.

McGregor has been looking bulkier than ever nowadays, reportedly weighing in at 190 lbs instead of his usual norm of between 155-175. Whether the new physique resulted from more intense workouts or becoming sedentary due to the injury is debatable, though the dude does look more muscly than ever. However, McGregor’s weight gain was a point that retired MMA athlete, and sports analyst Chael Sonnen believed could hurt his chances of making a successful comeback, whenever that may be down the line, Mirror UK reported.

One unexpected side effect of the domineering frame appears to be McGregor not quite looking like his head is even attached to his body in photos — at least according to one Twitter user’s hot take. Take a look at the post right here and decide for yourself.

We’ll admit, the lighting is pretty strange in the photo, and his dome, absent from any visible neck underneath it, does look like it’s on the verge of ejecting from his torso like a supercharged PEZ-dispenser.

The uncanny look of the photo was apparently the impetus for one fan asking, “Has his head been photoshopped onto that body?”

McGregor replied to the query with a good-humored crying-laughing emoji, “no. I’m just that much of a brick wall that I’m camouflaged with the brick wall in the back.”