Anderson Silva Or Chael Sonnen: Who Do You Have Your Money On?

The most anticipated rematch in the history of the UFC is taking place this Saturday night in Las Vegas, Nevada at the MGM Grand. Middleweight champion Anderson Silva will take on Chael Sonnen for the main event of UFC 148, in a rematch of their UFC 117 bout from nearly 2 years ago. They say ‘fighting styles’ make fights, so this has the potential to be another doozy.

I know, I know… There’s always a chance that a big time fight ends before the crowd can even get comfortable in their seats, but many experts believed that Silva took the big mouthed Sonnen lightly in their first fight, and that he’ll be 100% focused this time.

Leading up to their 1st fight, Sonnen had something to say at every turn. He was trash talking Silva and cutting WWE worthy promos every time a microphone was near. The underdog nearly backed up his boasts too, though he eventually tapped out after controlling the majority of their first battle. Sonnen’s exceptional ground game and relentless aggressiveness was nearly enough to win the title back in 2010, so he’s confident heading into UFC 148.

Silva is arguably pound for pound the best mixed martial artist in the world today. The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter is about as well rounded in the cage as they come, and his devastating strikes are legendary. If Silva is as focused as he claims, a 1st round knock out isn’t out of the question. If Sonnen is able to dictate the pace early and get Silva to the ground, he could push the fight to the later rounds.

I’d love to see another lengthy fight, but my pick is Silva with a 1st round KO.

What do you think? Who is your money on?