Big Three 2.0?

Potential Big Three

The union of the summer brought Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh to the sunny shores of South Beach, but this isn’t the only union of the summer. The union between actress LaLa Vasquez and NBA scoring machine Carmelo Anthony revealed more then just Carmelo’s love for the actress who starred in You Got Served and Soul Plane, it revealed another mastermind plot orchestrated by the NBA elite.

Earlier in the summer, it became apparent that Chris Paul wanted out of New Orleans badly, so much so that he even gave a list of three teams (Lakers, Knicks and Magic) that he wanted to play for. Those rumours seemed to dry up though as New Orleans management met with Paul and they even went so far as to trade standout rookie Darren Collison in order to make Chris Paul more secure in his job.

This statement made by New Orleans management, showed the commitment to retain their franchise player, but they seemingly did not do enough. Paul made a statement to the media exclaiming his desire to move forward with New Orleans, but behind closed doors, Paul was singing a different tune.

The New York Times reports that according to a person who spoke with Amare Stoudemire, Paul made reference to a potential union of himself, Stoudemire and Anthony. He was quoted as saying, “We’ll form our own Big 3.”

Over the past few weeks it has also become public that Carmelo wants out of the Rocky Mountain shadows and into the Limelight of a bigger market. Could Chris Paul be hinting at another earth shattering NBA movement? Only time will tell.

Is Chris Paul just pulling everyone’s leg? Would this Big Three rival the Heat’s trio? How could the Knicks possibly obtain Paul since he is not scheduled to become a free agent until next summer?

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