Brett Favre Returns To Football

We all knew that the competitive juices would never stop flowing through Brett Favre. It was impossible to think that the three time NFL MVP could stay away from the game of football for long. After the youth leagues, high school, college, and 19 years in the National Football League, it was never really a question of if the call back to football would come, but rather when. Well, you can wonder no more, because Brett Favre is back.

The Sun Herald from Biloxi-Gulfport is reporting that Brett Favre will be named the offensive coordinator of Oak Grove High School, the same high school he trained at during off-season workouts.

Though nothing has been made official yet, Oak Grove head coach Nevil Barr plans to speak with his friend, to see just “how involved he wants to be.” The offensive coordinator position is currently vacant at the school, opening up room for Favre to slide into the role.

If this high school thought they received a lot of press for Favre simply working out with the team, just wait until he’s calling the plays.

I don’t know about you but I’m intrigued to see how this all plays out.