Brian Urlacher Still Going Strong

Brian Urlacher claims he has lost a step but I don’t see it. He also claims that he’s a much smarter player at this stage in his career. Now that I do see. Urlacher, at 33 years old, is playing some of the best football of his life. Coming off a Pro Bowl season, and heading towards another one, #54 is solidifying his Hall Of Fame status.

I’ll admit until the 2010 season I was still on the fence about his Hall credentials, but last year he sold me, and looking back on his career I never should have doubted in the first place.

In the week 7 London game against the Buccaneers, Urlacher recorded 5 tackles, defended 2 passes, and had his third interception on the year. But it was his positional pass defense and the stuff the stat sheet doesn’t show that was as equally impressive. He’s in the right place at the right time, he’s always around the ball, and he knows the Bears D front and back. A true coach on the field.

The defense had a few lapses late that allowed the Bucs back in the game, but I think the pass happy ways of Mike Martz had as much, if not more to do with Tampa’s comeback after trailing 21-5.  A little more run heavy in the second half would have done wonders to chew some clock and to cause the Bucs to press even more.

As it was their QB Josh Freeman threw 4 picks, an dthe game wasn’t really as close as the final score indicated.  At no point watching the game did I really feel the Bears would blow it.  Maybe I’m just starting to believe the defense is back to playing like themselves and that the offense is picking up the pace too.

The Bears sit at 4-3 entering the bye week, winners of 3 of the last 4, and there are still questions surrounding the identity of the team;  Will Martz reel in the crazy? Will the safety situation work itself out? Should this be a pound the rock type running team behind Matt Forte? Will the o-line steady their play?  But there are no questions about Brian Urlacher, he’s as rock solid as it gets.