Chicago Bears Knock Off The Rams, But Not Impressively Enough

Chicago Bears fans, of which I am included, are a funny bunch. We tend to overreact to most things surrounding our favorite team. We saw that week one offensive explosion against the Colts and jumped to the conclusion that the new offense is a well oiled machine.

Week two came around and the offense looked like a jumbled mess against the Packers. After the Green Bay loss, many fans were asking for the Bears to run the ball more. They wanted the Bears to establish some offensive rhythm and most importantly to protect Jay Cutler. The Bears did just that, mission accomplished in a 23-6 Bears win. Or so it would seem.

After the game many fans were disgruntled with how the Bears won. The Chicago passing game was sputtering throughout the contest. Cutler was only sacked twice, but he was harassed on quite a few drop backs. They did establish the run game, and the defense was outright dominant, but that offense was boring. A boring offense, after what we were promised, is simply not acceptable.

Then again… if you step back and look at the game, you’ll realize the Bears really had control from start to finish. The offensive game plan, as boring as it was, was done so because they knew the Rams offense would struggle against the Chicago D.

This was an old school Chicago Bears beat-down. Run the ball, sprinkle in some short passes, take a deep shot if it’s there, and allow the defense to do its thing. It’s not sexy, but it’s effective. While the Bears offense is working out the kinks it’s also the smart way to play football.