Chicago Bears Sign Matt Forte To A 4 Year Deal

The #PayDaMan movement will have to find another player to gripe about. Earlier today the Chicago Bears paid running back Matt Forte, thus avoiding the Franchise tender. He received a 4 year deal with about $18 million guaranteed, and an annual salary of about $8 million.

Bears fans were divided over whether to pay Forte or not. When the situation first arose most were all for paying the Pro Bowl tailback, but as time wore on, many started to side with the team on standing firm with their offer.

At the end of the day, the Bears probably caved a bit and they met Forte and his agent close to the middle. His contemporaries were all receiving 5 year contracts, so the 4 year deal Forte signed could allow him one more big pay day, but it’ll depend on the declining skill set of this workhorse running back.