Empire State of Mind?

Now that that “The Trinity” has been built in Miami, many players have their sights on creating a super team for themselves. Most notably is New Orleans point guard Chris Paul.  He is looking into taking his talents elsewhere so he can immediately compete for a title.  When it seemed rather far-fetched and unlikely that CP3 would leave the Bayou, trade discussions have begun to resurface as the Hornets organization seems to be disarranged as to what direction the team is heading in.

A source close to Paul, that requested anonymity, says that Paul has aspirations of heading to another team and doesn’t feel like the Hornets are in a position to win.  CP3 is reportedly interested in a number of teams such as the Mavericks, Trail Blazers, Magic and Lakers.  However, it seems that Paul’s front-runners are currently the Knicks.  Since LeBron James joined Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh to create one of the most impressive trios in NBA history, Paul has been dreaming up his own superteam.  He can conceivably do it by joining Amare Stoudemire and luring Carmelo Anthony at the end of the 2010-2011 season when he becomes an unrestricted free agent.  This is something that has been frequently discussed trough the NBA grapevine and can come to fruition.  It seems like wishful thinking but we all saw what went down in Miami…