Deron Williams Chooses The Brooklyn Nets Over The Dallas Mavericks

Deron Williams has agreed to a 5 year/$98 million contract with the newly located Brooklyn Nets. Williams will join 2008 draft pick Brook Lopez, newly acquired swingman Joe Johnson and veteran Gerald Wallace on July 11, when NBA free agent signings become official.

Nets fans hope that this signing is a sign of things to come, a catalyst to an eventual championship run. It has been speculated for months that Jay-Z and co. have been looking to acquire Magic center Dwight Howard and Howard himself has recently voiced his desire to play for the team. A sign and trade would not be out of the question as the Nets have pieces that could be attractive to the Magic brass should they decide to trade their franchise player. Center Brook Lopez and rookie standout Marshawn Brooks would more than likely be a part of such a deal.

For the Dallas Mavericks, who lost out on Williams, losing sixth-man Jason Terry will be a devastating blow. In addition, future hall-of-famer Jason Kidd’s departure would seem imminent based on his desire to play for whoever Williams signs with. The Mavericks do not have a cast of young players that would be enticing to the Magic in a Dwight Howard trade and will need to do something soon if they are to remain relevant in the Western Conference.

The Nets signing of Deron Williams is an enormous step forward for the franchise, what does this mean for the rest of the league though?

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