Favre Inactive For Season Finale

Brett Favre has been listed as inactive for the final game of Minnesota’s season. Due to the concussion Favre suffered in a December 20th game against the Chicago Bears, he was unable to pass the NFL’s concussion test forcing him out. As anyone can see, this has not been the last go that Favre had hoped for.

Coming into this season, Favre appeared to be sitting almost on top of the football world as he led the Vikings to the NFC Championship Game, a 12-4 record and throwing for more than 4200 yards and 33 touchdowns. This definitely was a season to be proud of. This year has effectively been a complete polar opposite to that season, as the Vikings have a dismal record, Favre has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns and his consecutive games streak came to end.

It appears as though Brett Favre will now end his illustrious career on a bad note, not even having the opportunity to play in his final game. Favre has not officially ruled out next season however should he decide to come back, he will be making a grave mistake seeing how fragile he has looked in his past few games. The collapsing of the Metrodome perfectly symbolized Brett Favre’s last season, an awful tragedy.