Favre To Return For 20th Season

Favre tells the media just exactly how he arrived at this not so shocking conclusion

Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Brett Favre has announced that he will in fact return for a 20th season to lead the team to what he hopes will be another Super Bowl ring.

The former Falcon, Packer and Jet has decided that coming fresh off ankle surgery will not effect his performance and so he will stay for another year. Brad Childress and the rest of team told Brett earlier to take as much as time as he required so not to rush any decision making. After speaking with most of the team, the answer became pretty obvious.

Brett Favre is not done in the NFL…at least not yet.

Although he will return this year, Favre did confirm that this would be his last season. He was quoted as saying:

“After this year, I’m done. This is the last year of my contract,” Favre said. “It was obviously a tough decision to come back. I can’t say I’m going to do anything different than I did last year. I’d love to think that I’ll play better. I’ll do everything I can to help this team win.”