Former NFL Great Herschel Walker Faces Scott Carson In MMA Bout

Herschel Walker will fight Scott Carson in a featured heavyweight bout on Dec.4 in St. Louis at the Scotttrade Center.

This will be Walker’s second professional MMA bout. The former NFL star made a successful debut last January and many consider him the sport’s highest-profile novice.

Walker, who is 48 years old, will face Scott Carson, who is 4-1 in his career and 40 years old.

I have just recently gotten into this whole MMA craze, so I am no expert. My first true taste of MMA was UFC 121 and I was pretty impressed. Read’s review of that bout here. But I think Walker seemed to be a pretty decent fighter, though some are calling him a gimmick just to increase the sport’s profile.

Watch highlights of his first fight in which he defeated Greg Nagy via TKO.

Yup, it looked like Walker thoroughly kicked his ass, much like he used to when he was an NFL back. Here is a guy who won the Heisman Trophy for the University of Georgia Bulldogs. He then began playing for the New Jersey Generals of the USFL. From there, he went to the NFL and played for the Eagles, Cowboys, Vikings and the Giants. Between the USFL and the NFL, Walker rushed for over 13,000 yards.

But Walker has done so much more too. How about being a fifth-degree black belt in tae-kwon-do and nearly made the Olympic team in sprint relay. But wait he did make the Olympics in 1992 for two-man bobsled, where he finished seventh. He says he does 3,500 sit-ups and 1,000 push ups daily. Celebrity Apprentice and ballet dancing round out this guy’s resume.

Walker weighed in at 214.5 for his first fight. Oh yeah, and he is a vegetarian. Yeah, I don’t think this is a gimmick. I think Carson should be very worried.

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