Forsberg’s Comeback Finished

Colorado Avalanche forward Peter Forsberg officially retired from the NHL for good this afternoon.  After making the Avalanche and obtaining his work visa, Forsberg only lasted two games in the 2010-2011 season. Forsberg is one of the best players in Avalanche history, winning several Stanley Cups with the organization. Unfortunately, this time he couldn’t even bring success for one shift.

Forsberg didn’t tally any points in his back-to-back stint with the team and had a plus minus rating of -4.  He totalled 3 shots on goal in over 17 minutes of ice time per night.  Coach Joe Sacco told the media that it was a no-brainer putting Forsberg on the team.  Forsberg didn’t seem to be in any pain while playing in the two Avalanche losses, but maybe on the 7 game losing streak, he decided not to come back to a team that won’t make the playoffs.  The Avalanche are 9 points out of the 8th spot in the Western Conference and continuing to slide down the standings.

Teammates Adam Foote and Matt Duchene both said that he looked great on the ice and played hard every shift.  Foote who was on the Stanley Cup winning teams and the current captains said “I thought he had the highest compete level in Columbus, for both teams.”  Duchene said “For me, I modeled almost my entire game after him growing up, it was cool playing alongside him, picking up things he did. It was just a privilege getting to play with him.”

Forsberg was clearly accepted by his teammates very quickly, especially since he was such an integral part of the franchise’s history.  The team would have loved to see him stick it out and finish the season, but Forsberg decided that this was not in his best interest.