Georges St-Pierre Dreams About Superfight With Jean-Claude Van Damme

Forget UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. Georges St-Pierre disclosed to the Leader-Post, albeit jokingly, that a face off with Jean-Claude Van Damme would be the superfight he would have wanted.

“I would have liked to fight Jean-Claude Van Damme in ‘Bloodsport’. That would have been my dream fight, in an MMA cage,” said St-Pierre

While this is obviously nothing but a fantasy, JCVD was recently spotted at Tri-Star Gym in Montreal training with St-Pierre in preparation for his role in The Expendables 2. Undoubtedly, both stars likely hold a mutual respect for one another due to their similar backgrounds: both have a passion for martial arts and have French speaking roots.

Although this match up would have been fun to see on the silver screen in the 80’s during Van Damme’s prime, in reality, St-Pierre is preparing to return from a lengthy departure from MMA due to a knee injury. He is scheduled to return to the cage to face interim UFC welterweight champion Carlos Condit on November 17 at UFC 154 in Montreal.

If St-Pierre successfully defends his belt, UFC President Dana White has announced that he is willing to put together a superfight that, if made, puts a GSP vs. JCVD match to shame. The buzz in the mixed martial arts community is due to a potential blockbuster fight with consensus pound for pound king and UFC middleweight champ, Anderson’The Spider’ Silva.

For now, GSP vs. JCVD and GSP vs. The Spider remain nothing but pure fantasy, but at least one may still become a reality.