Interview With Marcus Price, Former Player Of Gregg Williams

Recently,I had the chance to talk with former New Orleans Saints player Marcus Price about the recent bounty scandal that is rocking the NFL. Price played in New Orleans from 2000-’01, but he was a member of the Buffalo Bills from 2002-’04, when his head coach was the recently suspended Gregg Williams.  Williams, who was the Saints defensive coordinator, and at the center of the controversy, received a lifetime ban from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Price, an offensive lineman, was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars in 1995 and his career path took him to to San Diego, New Orleans, Buffalo, and finally Dallas. He retired in 2006 and immediately looked for ways to impact the lives of our youth. He coached some high school football and did some public speaking at youth clinics and camps and he found a lot of young athletes that slipped through the cracks and lost a shot at college athletics simply due to a lack of understanding at the recruiting process. It was this experience that led him to NCSA Athletic Recruiting.

As an Educational Speaker with NCSA, Marcus is able to help athletes with the recruiting process and aid them in finding collegiate opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t have found.

We Got This Covered – What do you think about the punishments handed down by Roger Goodell on the Saints, Sean Payton, and Gregg Williams?

Marcus Price – They were definitely surprising, but in looking at what Commissioner Goddell was really looking at, I can see why he wanted to send a message.  I believe the punishment became worse due to what Mr. Goodell said was a cover up of the events in question.

WGTC – When you played for Gregg Williams in Buffalo were you or your teammates paid if you injured the opposition via a bounty system?

MP – We did not have a bounty system as far as I know.  I know every team has an in house pool for making big plays to win games, but it was never in the vein of injuring other players. It was always for performance based plays that turn games in your teams favour.

WGTC – Many of Gregg Williams’ former players have come to his aid, with some saying he’s the best coach they ever played for, what is your opinion of Coach Williams?

MP – He’s a great guy and a loyal coach  I hope people don’t characterize him as a bad guy or coach.

WGTC – What is your take on the heightened concern over player safety, and the recent rules the NFL have implemented to make football a safer game?

MP – I believe it’s long over due because in the past the NFL was only concerned about performance.  Getting it done even at your physical detriment. The good thing about this is it not only impacts the NFL but also college, prep, and little league levels.  The game will always be physical and people will get hurt, but when you keep the focus on the individuals best interests, concerning health, it will be better for the game in the long run.

That concludes the interview but We Got This Covered would like to thank Marcus for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions about the bounty scandal.

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