Is P.K. Subban The Heir To Sean Avery’s Throne?

Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban has quickly made his name known around the National Hockey League. He hasn’t done this because of his hard hits, sweet hands, solid defensive play, or precision passing. Rather, the the league is starting to know the young talented Subban for his mouth. Subban has wasted no time getting under the skin of opposing players on all NHL teams.

On opening night against Toronto, Subban didn’t hesitate to start chirping Leafs captain and tough blue liner Dion Phaneuf. The game was very close with the Leafs edging out the Canadiens and the bigger Phaneuf didn’t want to put the first win of the season in danger by engaging with the rookie. Subban has gone on to chirp some of the top players, leaders, and classiest players in the league including Sidney Crosby and most recently Mike Richards.

Obviously Crosby didn’t want anything to do with the incessant trash talking, but Mike Richards took exception to Subban drawing each of them penalties earlier this week. They didn’t fight but, I’m sure someone will be looking to square off against the young trash talker in no time.

P.K. Subban has started his career resembling the NHL’s biggest villain, Sean Avery. Avery has been the centre of scrutiny from all players, coaches, and analysts.  Like Subban, Avery is a fast, talented player with a lot of upside. Unfortunately for Avery he decided to start chirping instead of using his speed to become a dangerous winger in the league. Everyone has seen Avery’s antics of talking during the pregame warm up, waving his stick in the face of Martin Brodeur during the playoffs, and just last week sucker punching Oilers defenseman, Ladislav Smid. Avery has earned a reputation around the league as someone who gets under people’s skin and goes too far with the stuff he says. Players around the league have started to say that Avery is a marked man, especially around the Oiler’s locker room.

The last thing that Subban wants is to start getting a reputation like Sean Avery’s and rather get one for his skilled play and offensive abilities. Players like Subban have the skill level to become a top level player in the NHL, but if he starts acting like Avery he will never be more than a grinder and agitator.

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  1. Chris Jennersays:

    Mike Richards is nothing close to classy. He is a cheap shot artist. Crosby is a whiner. Crosby was trying to whine his way into penalty calls and Subban wasn’t having it. Crosby acted like a child in that playoff series. Smashing his stick on the goal post and then berating the ref when he didn’t get a call comes to mind. If you didn’t notice, PK dropped the gloves to go with Richards, but the refs got in the way. He can take care of himself, and would have taken care of Richards. Richards was being beaten and embarassed by a rookie, who did a good job of getting under the other teams skin. Subban has never laid a cheap shot on anyone, so you’re comparison is highly inacurate. Subban is also more talented than Avery could ever hope to be. Why can’t you be an agitator and a great player. Is their a rule that says that somewhere? I have met coaches who coached him when he was 12 years old, and they say he is a talker, and you can’t coach it out of him. They also said he is a great kid who is a great team player. Players like Richards and Crosby don’t deserve to be immune to trash talk just because they have been in the league a few more years.

  2. Innis_morsays:

    What absolute load of crock.

    Don Cherry has laid great claim to being a gook ol’ redneck. Mike Richards is from the same fold, and neither lies in good stead to talk ‘high road’ and ‘respect’ on account of PK Subban (Cherry has even slandered PK’s name on live television” “What’s “PK?, What’s that?”).

    As for Richards, go ahead and web search on +”Mike Richards” +”Gina Lynn”; see if that says ‘NHL Captain’, ‘NHL leader’ and “lead by example” to you (never mind the hit to the head of Booth). Richards is a talented but dirty piece of work. He makes Batman’s “Two-Face” appear the shrinking violet.

    And the NHL and the CBC won’t say or do ‘boo’ as Richards and Cherry work very publicly to incite that violence be set upon PK Subban. Two groups as yellow as that brick road Dorothy found herself on.

    Cherry must think we’re all imbeciles — on CBC last night: “See I’m not prejudiced; I like Hal Gill, and he’s American!” (Yeah, a white North American hockey player, unlike Europeans, and PK Subban).

  3. Pretty sure everyone knew Subban because he was good not because of his mouth. In fact, Richards whining after getting his butt whipped is the first I ever heard of it. I hate when people act like Richards is a classy player, he throws a lot of questionable hits and won’t think twice to bury a guy with his back turned or head down. And his comments after the game just show how classless he is. Also Averys punch was not a sucker punch. What a terrible article.

  4. Justin Hennicksays:

    I’m not saying that Mike Richards is nominated for the Lady Bing, he hits hard and chirps, but he is not near the amount of Subban and he has already earned respect around the league. Subban is a very skilled player and should do his best to be known for that fact.
    Chris, you are wrong about Avery, he is a great skater and could have had a career on the second line if he just shut his mouth and played hockey, but he will be forever remembered as a third line player that no one other than the Rangers wanted anything to do with, if you remember him getting pushed out of Dallas a couple years ago.
    Back to Subban, if any of you watched the Leafs game on Saturday, you saw him bail out of hits, either by diving or spinning away. You also might have noticed his mouth slowing down a little after he has been repeatedly criticized. I’m not saying that Subban is currently like Avery or that he is going to be as bad as Avery, just simply making a comparison of their class. There are a lot of great players around the league that keep their mouth shut for the most part and have great success and there are some top players that talk a little, like Mike Richards, but Subban doesn’t need to do go over the top with it unless he wants to start being known for talking rather than playing.
    Finally, anyone that can chirp Sidney Crosby really doesn’t know hockey. As a rookie he came into the league a soft player and a whiner, but over the past couple years he has become arguably the best player in the league, a tough player to take the puck off of, and at times a physical presence (his hit on Alfredsson in last years playoffs). He also has one of the best resume’s in hockey by captaining a cup winner, gold medal winning goal in the Olympics, and several 100 point seasons. When players play over 20 minutes of a playoff game, they get engaged and sometimes complain about calls, but all players do that. You think Gretzky, Messier, Lemieux, Orr, Yzerman and all of the other greats didn’t complain about some calls? I agree that on one is immune to trash talk, but in a October or November game with very little intensity and no fights it is not necessary to start running your mouth to a player that you see four times a year, without rivalry other than one playoff series.

    1. Justin Hennicksays:

      I forgot to mention, I’m not talking about cheap shots. Mike Richards didn’t take a cheap shot at anyone, the David Booth hit was legal at the time of the hit and 1 hit doesn’t make him a cheap player. As for Avery’s sucker punch, Smid asked him to fight 3 times and Avery said “next shift”, then when Smid turned away Avery quickly dropped his gloves and punched Smid in the face.

  5. Justin Hennicksays:

    Anyone notice Subban Hasn’t played in 2 games. Listen to me, he has to focus more on his play and less on his mouth. He is a defensive liability right now and that is why he is a healthy scratch. Without Subban the Habs are 2-0

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