Is Thursday Night Football Available On Amazon Prime?

Thursday Night Football Fox Prime Logo

Streaming has become a massive force in entertainment in the last decade. In fact, most television shows and movies are only watched through streaming, with traditional network broadcasts only accounting for a tiny fraction of a given show’s viewership. 

Live sports, however, have always been different, with many people still using traditional broadcast networks to get their fix. While certain leagues, including the NFL, have introduced their own streaming platforms, there hasn’t yet really been a streaming network that tries to combine both programming and live sports. 

Amazon Prime is looking to change that by debuting the NFL’s Thursday Night Football on their service. 

What is Thursday Night Football

Thursday Night Football‘s arrival on Prime was announced in May of this year. The announcement said that Prime would be carrying 11 NFL games this season. 

Amazon will share these games with both Fox and the NFL Network this season, but starting in 2022, that will not be the case. Amazon will be carrying 15 exclusive NFL games per year as well as a pre-season game.

How do I watch Thursday Night Football on Prime?

Watching Thursday Night Football on Prime is easy. The games are available to anyone with a Prime subscription at no extra cost. To view the games, you simply have to log onto Amazon Prime, where you can find the link to the broadcast in the Live & Upcoming section.

What is the benefit of watching Thursday Night Football on Prime?

Thursday Night Football on Prime has some unique features that you won’t find anywhere else. Using Prime Video’s X-Ray feature, viewers can see loads of extra information. This includes live play-by-play breakdowns, real-time stats, and team and player biographies, giving fans unprecedented insight into their favorite teams as the games play out in front of them. 

On top of this, many games will have alternative commentary options on Prime, allowing viewers to further customize their experience. Viewers may pick from the standard Fox broadcast team or commentary by Hannah Storm and Andrea Kremer. The third option is the Scout’s Feed, hosted by former scouts Bucky Brooks, Daniel Jeremiah, and Joy Taylor. 

What games are shown via Thursday Night Football on Prime? 

This season, Thursday Night Football will broadcast the following games: 

  • October 7 – Los Angeles vs. Seattle (8:20 PM ET)
  • October 14 – Tampa Bay vs. Philadelphia (8:20 PM ET)
  • October 21 – Denver vs. Cleveland (8:20 PM ET)
  • October 28 – Green Bay vs. Arizona (8:20 PM ET)
  • November 4 – New York Jets vs. Indianapolis (8:20 PM ET)
  • November 11 – Baltimore vs. Miami (8:20 PM ET)
  • November 18 – New England vs. Atlanta (8:20 PM ET) 
  • December 2 – Dallas vs. New Orleans (8:20 PM ET) 
  • December 9 – Pittsburgh vs. Minnesota (8:20 PM ET)
  • December 16 – Kansas City vs. Los Angeles (8:20 PM ET)
  • December 25 – Cleveland vs. Green Bay (4:30 PM ET)