John Elway Unfairly Criticized By Tim Tebow Fans

I’m a Tim Tebow fan. I’ve enjoyed watching him play at Florida and also while with the Denver Broncos. I enjoy his grit and determination, and I’m a fan of the scrambling QB. But I’m also a realist, he’s not a very good passer. He may never be a very good passer. And even though Broncos boss John Elway said that Tebow earned the right to be the starter in training camp, he owes it to his employer to explore the possibility to add one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game.

Even if Peyton Manning never plays out the entire 5 years on his new $96 million dollar deal, he’s still worth the risk. Tebowmania supporters look at this as nothing more than a win now proposition, and that Elway is ignoring the future. Yeah… OK. We live in a what have you done for me lately society, winning now is a good thing.

They’re claiming Elway lied to the fanbase by going after Manning. I’m waiting for a liar liar pants on fire chant to come from the Tebow-maniacs. The bottom line here is, things change in business and things change in sports, at the time of his declaration Peyton Manning was a Colt. Why is this such a hard thing to comprehend?

Elway was making the best of a situation he inherited. The Broncos went on an incredible run last year, but Elway didn’t draft Tebow. He wasn’t his guy, and it’s hard to believe in a guy 100% if he isn’t your idea of an NFL starting QB. Elway was stuck with him, so he cheered him on during the magical comeback wins and through the playoffs, and pumped up his starting chances when the season ended. It wasn’t a lie, it was the smart thing to do.

No other team was going to pluck a read option QB in the first round, but former Denver head coach Josh McDaniels was enamored with Tebow, and he snatched him up. Most teams didn’t even project Tebow to be an NFL QB, but McDaniels envisioned his leadership and his incredible work ethic to allow him to succeed as a QB. He may yet be proven right, but it won’t be in Denver. The 1st round draft pick, collegiate National Champ, and former Heisman Trophy winner will end up traded for a mid round draft choice. Such is life in the NFL, things change.

Some of the Tebow faithful will never waver in their belief of #15, but some will climb aboard the Manning bandwagon the first time they see #18 throw a TD strike. Such is the life of an NFL fan, things change.

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