LeBron James: Fire And Ice

As everyone knows, superstar forward LeBron James moved from Cleveland to Miami last off season in “the decision”. People speculated that the Miami Heat would become the league’s elite team, but people didn’t think that the Cavaliers would drop from top in the East straight to the basement.

The new look Miami Heat have finally overtaken the Boston Celtics as the number one team in the Eastern conference with James and teammate Dwayne Wade each putting up around 30 points per game, recently. The Heat are on fire! They have won their last nine games in a row and even though they are not quite the top team in the league yet, they’re only chasing the San Antonio Spurs at 31-6. They have also recently been ranked as the league’s top team by the NBA power rankings.

The Heat almost had a scare against the Trail Blazers, but ended up winning in overtime by 10 points. Their winning ways are not surprising to anyone, but the way they are winning is shocking. They rarely put up 110 points like expected, but their defence has been spectacular. The Heat have only let up 100 points in 3 games since November, several of which were overtime games.

The biggest loser last off season was the Cleveland Cavaliers who are ice cold right now! The Cavs are last in the league with an 8-29 record with no signs of turning up, especially since they are on a 10 game losing streak, which is shortly following another 10 game losing streak. These streaks are only separated by one shocking win against the Knicks. The Cavs are not only losing games, but they are losing players. The Cavs have spent time this season without Jamison, Parker, Moon, Graham, and most recently they just lost Varejao for the season. It looks like the ice cold Cavs are destined for first over pick in the 2011 draft.

Everyone said that Lebron’s legacy is tainted because he moved to the Heat with Bosh and Wade, but his impact on the Heat and Cavs speaks volumes to how skilled of a player the king really is.