Let It Go T.O.

Terrell Owens, 38 years old, and recently cut from a team in the Indoor Football League, has fired his longtime agent Drew Rosenhaus. He’s hoping his new representative, Jason Woy, will be able to help him get an invite to an NFL training camp.

It’s often a struggle for professional athletes to know when to hang em up, but with no NFL playing time since 2010, a knee injury that he may or may not have sustained while filming a reality TV show in 2011, then his dismissal from the Allen Wranglers of the IFL last month, even his new agent has to see the writing on the wall.

But T.O. is a high profile client, one he can add to his resume. I highly doubt he’ll find him any work as a player in the NFL, but it’ll be good for business to try.

T.O. is the poster boy for the modern day diva-esque wide receiver. His antics were wearing thin on teams when he was productive, so why would a team take a flier on someone with such a slim chance to make an NFL roster? Who’s more deserving of that chance for an NFL team, a 38 year old “in the best shape” of his life, or a young and hungry kid fresh from college? At least a young undrafted free agent could find life on an NFL practice squad and develop into a player, whereas an old T.O. could prove to be nothing more than a headache.

It’s time for T.O. to let it go.

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