Limp Bizkit, Tim Tebow, And Cash Money Records

Before today, if I were to ask you what do Limp Bizkit, Tim Tebow and Cash Money Records have in common, you’d no doubt be at a loss for words. Before today, it would have been absurd to even mention a former rap/rock hybrid act that hasn’t been relevant in about 10 years. Along with an over-hyped, extremely spiritual, mediocre Denver Broncos quarterback and one of the hottest record labels of our time. But that was before today…

Cash Money Records has signed Limp Bizkit. I guess if any label was going to take a flier on them, it’d be one that had multiple platinum selling artists in 2011. Cash Money recording artist Lil Wayne dropped the news last night during an interview on New York’s 98.7 KissFM.

OK, I’m sure you’re wondering where Tim Tebow fits into any of this? Apparently Tebow and Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst are friends and the two of them were spotted having dinner on Wednesday night.

So the time line goes like this; Tebow dines with Durst on Wednesday, then a new record deal follows for Durst’s band on Thursday. Tebow is a miracle worker!

Now if only Jeremy Lin could get worked into this story somehow. All of the mainstream media would explode.