Jeremy “Linsanity” Lin Is Houston Bound

It appears that Jeremy Lin is taking his talents to Texas. His grand total of 25 starts last season has snagged him a $25 million dollar pay day. Not bad. The New York Knicks chose not to match the Houston Rockets offer sheet for Jeremy Linaccording to the New York Times, and he will suit up for the Rockets next year.

The meteoric rise of Linsanity is going to the Rockets mostly because of the structure of the contract, more specifically the 3rd year of the deal. The 3rd and final year of the Rockets offer is for nearly $15 million, and that would thrust the Knicks into luxury tax territory. The penalty would cost N.Y. over $40 million dollars.

Knickerbocker brass decided against matching the offer even though the potential marketing of the Asian-American superstar could potentially make up for the penalty. In the guard position, the Knicks have added point guards Jason Kidd and Raymond Felton, which they hope can offset the loss of Lin.

What do you think of the recent Linsanity move? Which team came out on the better end?