Mike D’Antoni Resigns As Coach Of New York Knicks

Earlier today New York Knicks head coach Mike D’Antoni resigned. After riding the high from the feel good / over-hyped  Jeremy Lin story, the Knicks have lost 6 straight games. His contract was set to expire at the end of the season, but he must have figured the internal bickering wasn’t worth it. Chalk this up as a win for Carmelo Anthony.

When the Knicks traded for Anthony last year, they traded away players that worked within the D’Antoni system for a very good one on one player. When the ball goes to ‘Melo, the ball usually stops. That’s not good with the high flying up and down game D’Antoni likes to run.

Part of the reason “Linsanity” was able to reach the level it did, is because the Harvard point guard was a good system fit. True he still has growing pains to deal with as a starting floor general in the NBA, but he was good in transition, good with the pick and roll, and he was a very willing passer.

Assistant coach Mike Woodson will take over in the interim, and most likely keep the system intact, but I would expect a more ‘Melo friendly coach to be hired this off season.