NBA Trade Madness Continues: Baron Davis to Cleveland?

A few hours ago, ESPN reported that the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Los Angeles Clippers have agreed in principle to a deal that would see Baron Davis head to Cleveland to reunite with his former coach, Byron Scott.The trade which has not been made official yet, has the Cavaliers sending Guard Mo Williams as well as Small Forward Jamario Moon in exchange for Guard Baron Davis and the Clippers first round pick in 2011. For the Clippers, this deal will give them much needed cap space as Davis was owed around $13 million next season however they will be losing their first pick in the upcoming draft. On the issue of this pick, one Clippers source reported the following to ESPN,

“That just shows you how much we hate this draft.”

Not sure how Davis will find this trade as he was just beginning to mesh with the highlight reel machine, Blake Griffin in L.A. Only time will tell.

This week there has been no shortage on big time trades in the NBA, where we have now seen more than 3 All-Star and franchise players dealt. What will happen next in this ongoing saga?

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