NFL Bottom Of The Barrel – Week #3

Welcome to the Week #3 edition of the NFL Bottom Of The Barrel series, where we rank the three worst teams in the NFL. My We Got This Covered colleague Dave Gilbert and myself will be taking alternating looks at the top 3 (in the ever popular Cream Of The Crop series) and the bottom 3 teams in the NFL each week. Last week Mr. Gilbert ranked his Bottom Of The Barrel teams as follows:

30. Carolina Panthers
31. Cleveland Browns
32. Miami Dolphins

Carolina Panthers? The same Carolina Panthers that beat the New Orleans Saints 35-27 in week 2? Come on Dave don’t believe the hype, or in this case the non-hype. While Carolina did look bad in week 1, they still have one of the most electric play makers in the league in quarterback Cam Newton. That alone is enough to boost them above some of the real bad teams in the NFL.

And who might the real bad teams in the NFL be this week…

30. Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins are steadily moving around the bottom three. I started them off at 31, then Dave moved them down to 32 last week. Now, after their victory against the Oakland Raiders, they’re getting closer to escaping the Bottom Of The Barrel.

They beat a west coast team that flew across country and had to play in a 1pm Eastern kickoff game. That is a scenario for a loss most of the time. If they play good against the Jets this week, maybe Dave will move them up and out of the bottom 3.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags are winless and coming off a 27-7 loss at the hands of the Texans. The Texans are a good team, but they made Jacksonville look bad. Starting QB Blaine Gabbert completed just 7/19 for 53 yards and on the season he’s barely above 50% passing. That’s not going to get it done in today’s NFL.

On the bright side, it seems Maurice Jones-Drew isn’t feeling any effects from his hold out, but if he’s their only offensive player worth a damn, it’ll be easy scheming for defensive coordinators.

32. Kansas City Chiefs

Making their debut in the Bottom Of The Barrel is the 0-2 Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs were trounced in their home opener 40-27 by the Atlanta Falcons and then dropped by the Buffalo Bills 35-17… and what’s waiting in week 3? A visit to a pissed off 0-2 Saints team. If tailback Jamaal Charles and his repaired ACL miss anymore time, it could get real ugly in K.C.

Be sure to check out Dave Gilbert’s Cream Of The Crop for week 3.

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