The NFL Lockout Is Close To Ending

The NFL Lockout is nearing it’s end, and it looks like they’ll take it about as close as possible before any games would have to be canceled. Atlanta is set to host the league meetings on July 21st, and most NFL people are optimistic that something can be done that day. July 21, a day for football fans to rejoice.

When the numbers were finally crunched, it looked like the NFL would lose about $200 million each week that they lost preseason games. At that point, we gathered there’d be no way in hell the NFL would allow any games to be missed.

But there are two teams that still may lose a game. The stand alone Hall Of Fame game on Hall Of Fame weekend between the Chicago Bears and the St. Louis Rams is in jeopardy. That game is scheduled for August 7th.

The Bears are scheduled to open training camp on July 23rd (after reporting the 22nd), and the Rams start camp on July 22nd. Just one day after the proposed CBA Ratified Day of July 21st.

I suppose that technically the Bears and Rams could have everything in place for a quick transition (you would really hope they do), but if July 21 comes and goes without an agreement, that game will have to be canceled.

Hopefully things will be resolved come July 21.

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