NFL’s Hall Of Fame Game To Be Cancelled?

Even though the NFL Lockout looks to be FINALLY coming to an end, there’s still plenty of i’s to be dotted, and t’s to be crossed before it’s business as usual. The Chicago Bears and St. Louis Rams and set to open camp on Friday the 22nd, and they open the preseason up on August 7th in the Hall Of Fame Game. A game that at least one source says is cancelled.

Once a deal is completely agreed upon by the owners and players, there will be a mad dash of free agency, and the other usual off-season rigamarole.  Will the Bears and Rams be able to get all their players under contract and take a crash course style camp before August 7th?

Mike Mulligan of the Chicago Sun Times has an unnamed source that claims the game has already been cancelled, while there has been no word from the NFL, the anonymous source said this;

“The dream is over,’’ one source said. “They had to throw one away, and everybody knew it.’’

Everyone except the NFL and the Hall Of Fame Game people…

Until something is official, I’ll hold out hope they can get the game in. After such a nervewracking off-season, my guess is the NFL will want things to be as normal as possible once things are settled.