Nike Releases Images Of The KD III


Nike has just released a number of images for the KD’s third signature sneaker. Kevin Durant has become one of the most dominant NBA players in the game today and he was rewarded for his fine play with a unique and personal shoe…the KDIII.

Last Monday’s game was the first time Kevin Durant showcased his new kicks with a 28 point performance against Minnesota. Durant is one of the fastest rising stars in the game today, last year winning the NBA scoring title over the likes of LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. Being only 21 years old, Durant was the youngest player in NBA history to take the honors and he’s only getting better.  The player nicknamed “Durantula”, for his venomous skills and abilities, features a shoe that has colorways that mimic the colors of his Oklahoma City Thunder.  These kicks also include video game buttons on the heel as the whole design of the shoe supposedly represents a video game controller.

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