Peyton Manning Will Sign Before March 13th

March 13th is the league wide start date for free agency in the NFL. All players with expiring contracts after the ’11 season can begin negotiating with teams this Tuesday afternoon. Any NFL player that was cut since last year can begin negotiations immediately. Players like former Indianapolis Colt Peyton Manning. It behooves his new team to get him under contract as soon as possible.

What better recruiting tool could their be than the 4 time league MVP. If you’re a receiver looking for a new home, you could do worse than aligning yourself with the 11 time Pro Bowler. Heck, no matter the position you play, you know that what ever team signs Manning is going all in for a Super Bowl.

Manning is visiting the Denver Broncos today, but no one actually believes they are a serious contender for his services. But Manning is about as thorough as they come, and he’ll leave no stone unturned before he makes his decision. A decision that most believe will come down to either the Arizona Cardinals or the Miami Dolphins. The Seattle Seahawks are believed to be in the running too, as they have cap space to go after his long time wide out Reggie Wayne and his long time center Jeff Saturday.

He’ll most likely meet with everyone interested, weigh his options with numerous factors in mind that only he has insight to, then make a decision before Tuesday. Whatever he decides, seeing #18 in something other than a Colts jersey will take some getting used to.

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