Pro Evo Cover Star Messi Plays Rival FIFA ‘A Lot’

Lionel Messi, the star of Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer (or Winning Eleven) apparently plays bitter rival EA’s FIFA 11 a lot according to team mate Gerard Pique. To make matters worse the revelation came from Pique on EA’s FIFA Interactive World Cup twitter account.

“I play FIFA11 on the road, in hotels and with the team,” says Pique. “Messi and Iniesta also like to play a lot.”

While Messi may have won the FIFA Ballon d’Or award, when asked who is the best at FIFA, Pique fancies himself over the little wizard and Spanish genius Iniesta. “Maybe I am!” he claims. Despite this, his boasts where dented a little as he gave up 3 goals when he challenged the current FIFA Interactive World Cup champion Nenad Stojkovic and lost 3-0.

It’s a double blow for the PES series when not only your cover star but the greatest footballer in world at the moment is revealed to play your rival’s game a lot with his fellow teammates, who themselves are some of the best players in the world. Konami’s football sim for years dominated the battle and was the number one choice for the gamer that wanted a pure football experience; however come FIFA 08, the tide started to turn as EA bridged the gap before taking over to deliver a more realistic experience to the footy fan. However each year brings yet another face off between the two so could Pro Evo get closer this year? Or will FIFA stretch their lead even further?