Randy Moss To Be Waived, Viking Soap Opera Continues

Mere hours before the Minnesota Vikings played the defending Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints, yours truly raced against time to finish writing his NFL preview for the site. In that article, I made quite a few predictions which thus far are coming to fruition. However, my Super Bowl pick of the Vikings beating the Bengals is looking a little less likely with each passing week.Now comes news that the Vikings will be letting Randy Moss go, according to the NFL Network. The soap opera that is the Vikings takes yet another unpredictable turn.

Moss, who began his career with the Vikings, is expected to be released on Tuesday.

Any team would then be able to claim him, and take over the remaining 6.4 million owed to him. Players placed on waivers can be claimed by any team, with the order of who gets the first chance at the player being determined by their record. So the team with the worst record usually gets to pick players first.

Going by that formula, the Buffalo Bills would get first crack at Moss, followed by the Panthers, Cowboys, 49ers and so on. What teams would actually be willing to take a shot at Moss is up for debate. Since late Monday afternoon, no less than half the teams in the NFL have been supposedly interested in landing the troubled receiver.

I personally think he could be an interesting fit with the San Francisco 49ers, the Chicago Bears or the Miami Dolphins.

Since Moss wasn’t on the waiver report by Monday’s 4 p.m. deadline, the earliest he will be able to be released is tomorrow. In that case he could not be awarded to another team until Wednesday.

Though he hasn’t yet been placed on waivers, the Vikings coach, Brad Childress informed his team that he is a goner.

The Vikings gave up a 3rd round pick to the New England Patriots for Moss.

It is still not beyond the realm of possibility that both the Bengals and the Vikings can get it together and make me look like a genius. Oh well, you can’t win them all I guess.

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