Social Network: Ocho Cinco Fined

Cincinnati Bengals wideout Chad Ocho Cinco has decided to continue his flow of shenanigans by using the ultra popular micro-blogging site Twitter. However he wasn’t tweeting the conventional way. Not at home or while riding on the Bengals team bus, but live on NFL sidelines. He was fined today by the NFL due to violating the electronic device rules pertaining to NFL sidelines during the Bengals pre-season game last Friday against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The league fined Ocho Cinco $25,000 for sending out twitter updates during the game. Chad has always been known as an originator and a man of ideas, but this is one of many that is just plain stupid. Earlier in the day he reported to CNN news that he was “fined by the league, a substantial amount of money for tweeting, first time twitter hasn’t made me money but cost me money”.

He also tweeted…

Although this is clearly an unacceptable act committed by number 85, could this be a new era that professional sports leagues can be exposed to?  It could enhance media coverage and exposure for all these leagues and there could be many monetary incentives to go with it as well.