Steve McNair’s Estate Temporarily Unfrozen

the Late Steve Mcnair

The late Tennessee Titans and Baltimore Ravens QB Steve McNair, who was killed by his mistress in July 2009, has had part of his estate unfrozen. In doing this, part of the estate, 2.5 million dollars worth, has been divided between his 4 sons and wife.

the Late Steve Mcnair

In July of 2009 Steve Mcnair, who had previously retired from the NFL, was brutally killed by his mistress as she shot him in the head in downtown Nashville. She then turned the gun on herself committing suicide. At the young age of 36, Steve McNair left behind 4 children fatherless. Because McNair had yet to write his will, his assets were frozen leaving the children without a means of living.

According to, on October 15, 2010 Steve McNair’s widow went to a Nashville judge and asked that at least a portion of the assets be unfrozen so that his children could have some sort of monetary source. The judge allowed and each of the four children will now receive $500,000 US.

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