Terrell Owens Has Been Cut By The Seattle Seahawks

Love him or hate him, Terrell Owens at his best was an incredible force, arguably one of the greatest wide receivers of the decade. The extremely athletic Owens terrorized opposing backfields for four NFL teams, most notably the Philadelphia Eagles, in which the receiver rose to prominence.

His off-field antics, however, often outweighed his contributions on the field. Owens’ stints with the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals are indicative of such as an aging Owens could no longer keep his pro-bowl type play up.

When no NFL team would lay a claim on him, Owens decided to take a shot at playing for the Allen Wranglers of the IFL. It wasn’t long until he was released, yet Owens was given a tryout by the Seattle Seahawks of the NFL to potentially play in the 2012-2013 season.

Now, Owens has announced via Twitter, however, that after several sub-par preseason games, he will be cut by Seahawks coach Pete Carroll.

Despite claiming that his ambition to return to the NFL would not waver, it is likely that we may have heard the last of the former superstar, at least in terms of gameplay. Even if a team would be willing to ignore Owens’ off-field antics, there is no denying that his physical abilities are no longer there.

So what’s next for the outspoken wide receiver? A career in broadcasting would not be out of the question as Terrell Owens would ideally be good for colour commentary and game analysis given his background in the sport.

Either way, it’s over Mr. Owens, time to pack your bags.

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Source: NFL.com

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