The best prop bets for Super Bowl LVI

Super Bowl 2022
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The big game is returning to our televisions this weekend, and there are many prop bets being placed all across the country. Super Bowl LVI is taking place on Sunday, Feb. 13th at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, and will feature the Cincinnati Bengals against the LA Rams.

The Super Bowl is fun because even if you don’t care about the game, you can still bet on every aspect of it. Prop bets allow fans to have stakes at all times during the game, including things like the in-game commercials and the color of the Gatorade the players drink.

Here are all the best props to place your bets on for Super Bowl LVI.

Coin Toss

Super Bowl Coin Toss
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Tails is 29-26 against Heads in Super Bowl coin tosses all-time, and the night’s first prop can always make or break your attitude.

Don’t get too cute on a coin toss; just do what you normally would and remember it’s a long night.

  • Heads

National Anthem

Super Bowl national anthem
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The over/under for this bet is normally around 95-100 seconds, and it has alternated pretty evenly over the past few years.

This year the Star-Spangled Banner will be performed by country singer Mickey Guyton, who reportedly clocked in around 87 seconds when she sang the anthem at a 2021 concert. Even assuming the big stage adds a few seconds, Guyton should still have room to spare.

  • Under – 95 seconds

First Touchdown

super bowl li patriots falcons
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Depending on who has the ball and who is on the field, this prop could end up going in any direction.

The best advice is probably to get a list of the highest scores on both offenses and pick a name at random. This one has the widest amount of variance out of all the bets listed, and there are a lot of important football things that go into predicting this.

To avoid considering all of that football, I’m going to go with one of the guys that gets passes from Joe Burrow. Cincinnati’s top two receivers are Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins, who combined for more than 2500 yards and 19 touchdowns this season.

  • Ja’Marr Chase, Bengals WR

Halftime Show


This year’s halftime show is one of the most talked-about in years, featuring Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige and Kendrick Lamar. The stacked lineup allows for more creative bets than usual, such as how many songs each artist gets or what a specific artist is wearing.

Some of these will be easy like “California Love” being played at least once, and some of these will be Snoop Dogg coming out in red shoes at +800.

The traditional prop bet is the number of songs played, which is at over/under 10.5 this year.

  • Over – 10.5 songs played

Super Bowl MVP

Super Bowl MVP Getty
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SBMVP almost always goes to the quarterback on the winning team, as it has in 9 of the last 12 Super Bowls. The exceptions to this rule are usually once-in-a-lifetime performances by skill position players on the winning team, which is even harder to predict than the winner is.

Just pick the Quarterback of the team you want to win, or just the QB you root for the most personally. My answer to both of those questions is the same.

  • Joe Burrow, Bengals QB

Crystal Ball

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, here are some riskier Super Bowl prop bets you can take a punt on:

  • First Celebrity Shown – Leonardo DiCaprio +190
  • First Half Total – Over 23.5
  • First NFT Commercial – Bored Ape Yacht Club +150
  • Joe Burrow Victory Cigar – Yes +400
  • Snoop Dogg On-Stage Blunt – No -450
  • Last Song – Lose Yourself +800
  • Ickey Shuffle – Yes -175
  • Drake’s Jersey – Rams -325
  • Roger Goodell Appearances – Under 1.5
  • Bitcoin Price – Goes Down -105

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