The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Has Nothing To Smile About


Brett Favre’s third coming out party has proven to be nothing more than dismal, after another embarrassing performance.  Does the old Brett still have anything left in the tank?

Perhaps the best thing to happen to the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday was their decision to sport the classic grey facemasks. Go back about eight months ago, Brett Favre was considered a saviour, as glorified as he was through the prime of his run with Green Bay. This was until Super Bowl 43. The interception heard ’round the world, brought the Vikings roller coaster ride to an immediate halt.  And then we waited…again.

What did the future hold for the 40-year old grandfather? (Daughter Brittany, 21, recently gave birth to a son). The foot injury, the bruising and the stress of throwing away another important game. They all should have been significant cues to seriously call it quits. However, Favre decided that he had unfinished business to take care of, maybe he had another epic season left in the tank.  Unfortunately for himself, the Vikings, and all of his fantasy owners, we are witnessing the collapse of one of the best.

Favre trots back to the bench after yet another turnover

Favre threw for a 44.3 passer rating on Sunday versus the Miami Dolphins, his worst since 2007 when he was still in Green Bay. Coach Brad Childress recently told the Miami Herald: “We have some work to do”.  Maybe the loss of Sidney Rice, or the migraines that continue to plague new number one threat Percey Harvin are contributing to the disaster season opening.  Maybe the fact that he missed training camp, or has new priorities (a grandson) to worry about. Parker Brett, born April 7th weighing in at seven pounds seven ounces, was the individual who picked off Favre for a fourth time on Sunday.

He can only scratch his head and wonder..

He can only scratch his head and wonder..

If you are like me, and Favre is one of the focal points of your fantasy roster, you are probably thinking that your team is pretty much down the gutter. But, before we all jump to conclusions, we must understand that last year 39-year old Favre had one of his best seasons ever. Is their really such a big difference between 39 and 40?

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