Thursday Night Football?


November 11, 2010 which falls on Veterans Day in the United States and Remembrance Day in Canada is not only a day to remember those that fought for our countries but rather a day that the NFL and its affiliates such as NFL Network can milk the world for even more money.

Tonight the Baltimore Ravens and Atlanta Falcons will do battle in Atlanta in what is now referred to as “THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL”. This NFL Network branded name is of course just another commercial football term following such examples as “MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL”.

The NFL sells the television rights for close to 4 billion dollars per year. That is quite a whopping number. Versus has now begun to cash in on this opportunity as they made a deal with the NFL Network to add the channel onto their digital TV packages in exchange for being the sole provider of this “THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL” phenomenon. In order to get this deal, Versus had to pay a total of $455 million to the NFL. To me this seems in some way wrong. The NFL owners are earning absurd amounts of revenue from such simple ventures as creating something like “THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL”. Why do they do this? Because they can. Having a single NFL game one night of the week translates into almost automatic high TV ratings as there is no other football to watch.

I believe that NFL Network’s “THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL” is nothing more than a gimmick, plain and simple. The owners know that people will want to watch the only NFL football there is and so they market it into some sort of annual event and ritual.

The 8 year contract will expire in 2014, hopefully this will be the last of this commercialized game. Now all I have to say is, SHUT UP COLLINSWORTH.

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