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UFC Live: Sanchez vs. Kampmann Recap

UFC returns to Versus with quite the card. There were a number of fights that had to be cancelled or rescheduled but for UFC’s first card in Kentucky I’m certain it won’t disappoint. As always Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg are our commentators tonight.

March 3, 2011 KFC Yum! Center in Louisville, Kentucky

UFC returns to Versus with quite the card. There were a number of fights that had to be cancelled or rescheduled but for UFC’s first card in Kentucky I’m certain it won’t disappoint. As always Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg are our commentators tonight.

Brian Bowles (9-1-1) vs. Damacio Page (12-5)

Brian Bowles was the former bantamweight champion before losing the title to Dominick Cruz. He was out for a bit after getting surgery on his hand. These two had actually met before where Bowles won via first round guillotine back in 2008.

Round one: Page starts the show off with a high kick and knee but Bowles back with a right hand. Page mixes it up with a flying kick by Page and then a low kick to Bowles. Bowles let loose with a right that caught Page in the shoulder. Bowles lands an uppercut. Page is swinging for the fences but missing punches. Page manages to get in with a knee. Page with another low kick and he’s landing them on Bowles left leg. Page gets a right to the body and Bowles is landing more shots now. Bowles is taking apart Page now with shots and dropped him to the ground with a right, followed by more shots. Bowles sinks in a tight guillotine and he’s telling the ref Page is out. He went to sleep quickly and didn’t get the chance to tap.

Bowles via technical submission (guillotine choke) at 3:30 of Round 1

Alessio Sakara (15-7-1) vs. Chris Weidman (4-0)

Weidman is taking this fight on 2 weeks’ notice against Sakara who’s an excellent boxer.

Round one: Sakara is out and landing a flurry of punches. Weidman starts firing back with a body kick. Sakara is landing more punches but Weidman gets him into a clinch. Weidman gets a punch in off the clinch break and manages to cut Sakara above the right eye. Weidman gets a shot in to the area where the cut is. Sakara comes back with some punches. The crowd is chanting U-S-A which is a little bit odd considering both live in America according to Rogan. Sakara is countering Weidman’s punches with his own. Weidman lands a body kick and attempts a takedown but Sakara blocks it. Weidman hits him with a low kick. The round ends with a body kick to Weidman.

I give Sakara the 1st round.

Round two: Weidman starts the round off with a low single to take Sakara down. Weidman lands a nasty elbow that cuts Sakara over the left eye. Weidman with some good punches and gets into side control. Sakara is bleeding a lot; I hope the referee doesn’t stop this. More elbows from Weidman. Sakara manages to reverse and is now throwing punches. Weidman ties up Sakara’s head and gets him to the fence. Weidman scores another takedown. Sakara is up and throws a knee. They’re in a clinch but the ref breaks it so the doctor can check Sakara’s left eye. Luckily he lets it continue. Sakara with a couple of nice body and head shots.

Weidman won the round, but Sakara turned things up a bit by the end.

Round Three: Sakara starts round three by landing a barrage of body shots. Weidman gest a double leg takedown and moves into side control.  Weidman lands some forearms and then elbows to the head. Sakara manages to get into half guard. The ref strangely calls for a stand-up. Sakara is getting tired and is taken down again. Sakara lands some lefts to the head. Sakara isn’t doing much at the end of the round and is taken down once again by Weidman. Weidman finishes strong throwing some punches.

Weidman’s round again, I give him the fight for round 2 and 3.

I don’t know what happened to Sakara after the 1st round but it was less than an impressive performance.

Weidman via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Mark Munoz (9-2) vs. C.B. Dollaway (11-2)

Round One: Dollaway starts with a Takedown. He let Munoz up so the two can trade standing up. Munoz lands a right to the jaw and an uppercut. Dollaway stumbles back to the ground and after two punches, Mario Yamasaki calls it.

Man was that quick. I’m guessing he’s regretting letting him up after the takedown. The fans are booing thinking it’s an early stoppage. I’ll have to agree with Rogan as Dollaway was glassy eyed and Mario rarely calls it too early.

Munoz via TKO (Punches) at 0:54 of Round 1

Diego Sanchez (22-4) vs. Martin Kampmann (17-4)

Diego comes out almost unrecognizable with a shaved head. He seems to have a bit of weight around his waist which is rare for him. Sanchez is in old form with his death glare across the cage. The fans are clearly behind Sanchez.

Round One: Kampmann starts the main event landing a few strikes. Sanchez lands a knee and a few punches as well. Kampmann gets in a series of punches but Diego attempts a takedown. He has him against the fence but can’t finish the takedown. Sanchez eats a knee and Kampmann gets a front headlock. Kampmann lands two knees from the headlock. After they break apart, Sanchez attempts to shoot in for another takedown but Kampmann blocks again. Kampmann with a few rights and Sanchez is visibly bleeding from the mouth. Some more rights by Kampmann and Diego attempts a takedown again but eats a knee for it. Kampmann has been landing a lot of punches and he easily sprawls from a takedown. Diego lands shots to the body but Kampmann’s getting the better of him with punches. Kampmann lands a right to the jaw. Sanchez goes for a takedown and is stuffed again. Kampmann finishes with a right.

That was Kampmann’s round. I’m surprised at how good his takedown defence was, as Diego’s no slouch.

Round Two: Sanchez’s chest and shorts are absolutely covered in blood from his mouth and down his body.

Sanchez goes for a takedown and Kampmann stuffs it. Elbow off the break by Sanchez and a jab from Kampmann. Sanchez goes for a takedown but just ends up shoving him into the cage. Sanchez can’t take him down no matter what he tries. Sanchez is getting frustrated and throws a barrage of punches. He busted up Kampmann’s eye and hurt him. Sanchez attempts for a takedown again to no avail. Sanchez is slowing down in this round but still manages to catch Kampmann in the jaw. Kampmann again avoids a takedown with a knee. Both are throwing shots, Diego’s wild, Kampmann’s are much more precise. Sanchez ends the round connecting with more shots.

I’d give that round to Diego after he hurt Kampmann with some shots. The crowd is cheering both men as the third and deciding round starts. Both men are bleeding. Diego bleeding from a few cuts but the mouth mostly and Kampmann under his left eye.

Round Three: Diego starts the round with a good right and attempts a takedown. Kampmann for the third time lands a knee blocking it. Sanchez with some strikes but Kampmann smartly manages to get out of trouble. Kampmann blocks another takedown. The two are trading with Sanchez getting a good left in. Diego finally gets a takedown but Kampmann gets back to his feet quickly. Both are standing and trading with Diego getting the better end including a body shot. Kampmann fires back with a knee. Kampmann with a right that connects under Diego’s already damaged left eye. Kampmann is favouring his right hand and most likely broke it. Sanchez with a flurry of punches that’s stopped with a knee. Sanchez’s face is such a mess.

Sanchez looks the worse of the two but I’m going to have to give it to him and the fight. Both guys look like they went through hell. The crowd was excited for this one the whole time, especially the last series.

Sanchez via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Kampmann looks pissed with the decision and I can’t blame him. It was a close fight and you can make an argument for both guys. Kampmann had some amazing takedown defence and landed clean shots earlier on.

Another great show on Versus with quite an exciting main event. With Strikeforce on Saturday and a stacked UFC PPV not too far away, fight fans should be pleased.

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