Wes Welker Receives 900 Pounds Of Butterfingers

Wes Welker is a fantastic wide receiver. He’s been Tom Brady‘s favorite target for a few years now.  His hands are as good as anyone playing the game today, but… And this is a Hell of a but… but he dropped the ball that could have sealed Super Bowl XLVI for the New England Patriots.

The term ‘butterfingers’ has probably never been associated with Welker until the last couple of days and thanks to the online pawn shop Pawngo, he now has 8000 Nestle Butterfingers candy bars to remind him of his error.

From the Pawngo press release:

While Giants fans celebrated their victory at the Parade in New York City – Boston locals got a 900 pound sweet surprise courtesy of Pawngo in the center of Copley Square in the heart of Boston.  900 pounds, or 8,000 bars of Nestle Butterfingers were piled high with a sign entitled, “Thank you Wes Welker” – making everyone in the area stop to take pictures, grab a bar, and have a laugh.

“Pawngo Gives Wes Welker a 900 Pound Sweet Ending For a Bitter Season”