World Peace Is A Joke

If you stumbled onto this article by title alone and don’t consider yourself a sports fan, I can gather to guess you’re a bit confused. Let me assure you, I’m all for world peace. But, if you’re even a casual fan of the NBA, then you’re aware of the viscous elbow delivered by the man formerly know as Ron Artest.

After emphatically dunking, Los Angeles Lakers forward Artest attempted to celebrate by pounding his chest. But that looked to be just for show, as his real reason for the chest pound was so he could cock his elbow back and crash it into the head of Oklahoma City Thunder guard James Harden. It was a cowardly act from a cowardly human being.

Artest, who legally changed his name to Metta World Peace in September of last year, is no stranger to violence on the basketball court. He was the lead antagonist in the Malice at the Palace brawl from 2004.

After such an idiotic and violent act, he should immediately drop the “World Peace” name gimmick and go back to Artest. He took to twitter after the game to express shock at how the elbow appeared, and to claim he was innocent. I doubt any sane person took him for his word.

Artest will be suspended for this latest act of stupidity, but at what point does the NBA consider a lifetime ban. He’s been suspended 13 different times in his career so far.

James Harden has been diagnosed with a concussion. Due to it, he’ll miss the remaining games in the season. His availability for the playoffs isn’t a given either.

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