New York Knicks Slowly Going Nowhere

Is it ok that I’m really enjoying the struggles of the New York Knicks? They’ll still more than likely stay in the postseason hunt as they built a solid lead before the tweak of their roster several weeks back.  But as this team is currently constructed they’ll be a quick out in round 1. They are losers of 5 straight and down to 7th in the Eastern Conference playoff race.

Since the big news trade for Carmelo Anthony the Knicks have struggled, and I’m not surprised.  The Mike D’Antoini system is best when played at a frantic pace and Carmelo is the kind of scorer that thrives with the ball in an isolation set.  But ‘Melo and the Knicks could have a little success when paired with Amar’e Stoudemine if there was another man running the point.

Chauncy Billups is a heck of a floor general, but with the fast paced system played in New York, he’s miscast.  At the stage in Billups’ career he’s better off with a half court team.  Unless Mike D’Antoini radically changes his philosophy, this NY team is just treading water.

The Knicks playing at a slower pace means they need to be a better defensive team, and that really isn’t their thing.  Next season they’ll look for a better fit at lead guard, and if they address that, they’ll be legit contenders in the East.

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