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Description: Another year, another Call of Duty. Activision’s first-person Behemoth has no doubt cemented itself as the industry’s go-to cash cow since its humble PC-only debut eleven years ago. And in that time, the immensely popular franchise has witnessed its rise to the top as the multiplayer shooter archetype, followed by its subsequent and quite recent wane in popularity. For 2014, though, the company has handed the lucrative IP over to Sledgehammer Games, who will look to take ardent fans into the far-ish future with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Set in the year 2054, Advanced Warfare will take place in a world where global governments have turned to private military corporations for militaristic aid. Chief of these PMCs is the nefarious Atlas, a key player on the game’s proverbial chess board. Headed up by Jonathan Irons — played by award-winning actor Kevin Spacey — Atlas is home of the most advanced military tech on the planet, including hoverbikes, spider tanks and powerful, Elysium-like exoskeletons. All of these gadgets will no doubt weave their way into the game’s campaign and multiplayer components, too, with the latter promising to shake up the established formula that fans have grown accustomed to.

Release Date: November 4th, 2014

Developer(s): Sledgehammer Games

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