Tag: Dragon Age: Inquisition

Description: Dragon Age: Inquisition is the third entry into BioWare’s revered RPG series and with it, the studio is set to take the franchise to the next level. Touting close to 150 hours of potential gameplay across its vast open-world landscape, Inquisition has harnessed the brute force of EA’s Frostbite engine to deliver an experience akin to Origins — the first game in the series — and wholly rectify the somewhat lacklustre Dragon Age II. With a refined combat system that will allow players to be more creative than previous games, the third entry into the franchise will feature the familiar choice-based storyline of its predecessors. As such, players will have to think carefully as certain areas within the game are only accessible if you’ve made specific choices. Undoubtedly, Inquisition is a remarkably beautiful title and one that is sure to satisfy gamers with a taste for all things fantasy. In fact, the game itself was recently delayed by a month in order to allow BioWare to add that extra sheen of polish, which means that Dragon Age: Inquisition will roar onto consoles and PC on November 18th and November 21st in North America and Europe, respectively.

Release Date: November 18th, 2014

Developer(s): Bioware