Tag: Driveclub

Description: With each passing generation of consoles, it’s almost inevitable that an all-new racing simulator will emerge onto the starting grid eager to test the system’s graphical horsepower. With the PlayStation One, we had Ridge Racer and later in 2007, Rockstar’s Midnight Club debuted alongside the PlayStation 2. And though a last-minute delay revoked Driveclub’s status as a PlayStation 4 launch title late last year, Evolution Studios’ bold, socially-connected racer is still poised to set the parameters for Sony’s current home console when it launches in October. Packing a host of novel modes and features all oriented to deliver a high-octane yet rewarding experience, Driveclub will allow players to create and join other teams; teams that will compete with one and other to unlock the game’s extensive roster of supercars. Speaking of which, early preview footage has not only showcased Driveclub’s beautiful environment, it also typifies the incredible details of each automobile, which has been painstakingly rendered all in the hope of creating a true and immersive next-fen racer.

Release Date: October 7th, 2014

Developer(s): Evolution Studios