Tag: Horizon: Zero Dawn

Description: For more than a decade, developer Guerrilla Games has been synonymous with the Killzone franchise, a futuristic shooter angled as Sony’s “Halo killer” when it was first hatched in 2004. That all changes with the release of Horizon Zero Dawn, a post-post-apocalyptic RPG that sees Guerrilla swap warring factions and linear storytelling for a vast, and ruddy dangerous open world. You play as Aloy, a flame-haired hunter and scavenger who roams these lands in search of answers. But in Horizon Zero Dawn, humans are no longer perched at the top of the food chain; instead, that title belongs to huge, robotic dinosaurs, and their mere existence is said to be fundamental to the game’s story. Are we looking at Sony’s next marquee first-party franchise? We’ll find out on February 28th.

Release Date: February 28th, 2017