Tag: Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Description: With The Battle of the Five Armies poised to conclude Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy this holiday season, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor couldn’t be arriving at a better time. Set to bridge the narrative leap between the aforementioned tale of Bilbo Baggins and The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Monolith Productions’ forthcoming RPG hopes to do for LOTR’s pixelated lineage what Rocksteady’s Arkham series did for The Caped Crusader. Essentially, the narrative orbits around Talion of Gondor — motion captured by the ubiquitous Troy Baker — who, after being killed by Sauron’s minions, is abruptly revived and granted wraith-like abilities. In honing gameplay elements associated with open-world veteran Assassin’s Creed and the aforementioned Arkham series, Shadow of Mordor will allow players to stalk the orcs and goblins of the land from a height before sweeping down to enact your revenge. Perhaps the game’s most intriguing feature, though, is the much-hyped Nemesis System; an engine which tracks the interactions between the player and NPCs to instil a real sense of permanence into the in-game universe. So, for example, if you’re particularly nasty to a specific race in Mordor, that same species won’t welcome you so kindly later in the game.

Release Date: September 30th, 2014

Developer(s): Monolith Productions