Tag: Playstation 4

Description: In lieu of its mishandling of the PlayStation 3 launch seven years ago, Sony is currently at a crucial stage with its forthcoming home console, the PlayStation 4. Touting an impressive x86 architecture complimented with a developer-centric approach, the company’s new system addresses many of its predecessors' shortcomings through its gamer focus and indie support. Having stepped into the next-gen limelight before its principal rival, the Japanese tech giant stole much of the community’s attention when it first unveiled the PlayStation 4 back in February. And although the console’s launch line-up has suffered two notable delays—including Evolution Studios’ DriveClub—the company plans to compensate this gaming shortage through the ever-thriving indie scene. With a sleek, surprisingly small console design complimented by a vastly improved controller, the PlayStation 4 is currently riding on a groundswell of industry acclaim. There are, however, notable changes to the console’s ecosystem such as the requirement for a PlayStation Plus subscription to access online multiplayer. What’s more, the system’s cloud-based Gakai service won’t be up and running until 2014. The console, which has reportedly been in the bowels of development since 2008, can be yours for $399.

Release Date: November 15th, 2013

Developer(s): Sony