Tag: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

  • Andrew Garfield
  • Emma Stone
  • Dane DeHaan
  • Jamie Foxx
  • Paul Giamatti

Description: In the sequel to Marc Webb's 2012 superhero smash, life's a struggle for Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield), a typical high school student who also spends his nights saving the city as Spider-Man. Between balancing his studies, time with his girlfriend Gwen (Emma Stone) and the safety of all the innocent citizens of New York, things can get a little complicated. Even though the Lizard is now behind bars, two new villains quickly arise, and Spidey is forced to battle both the Rhino and an even more fearsome foe than ever before in Electro. As Peter delves into his father's past and reconnects with his old friend Harry (Dane DeHaan), he realizes that his parents' history and his two new threats may have one common denominator: OsCorp. Peter is constantly faced with the question of whether Spider-Man really is best for the city. The more people he tries to save, the more enemies he makes, and someday there may be an enemy more powerful than even he can overcome. Not everyone can have a happy ending.

Director(s): Marc Webb

Writer(s): Alex Kurtzman Roberto Orci Jeff Pinkner

Release Date: May 2nd, 2014