Tag: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Josh Hutcherson
  • Liam Hemsworth
  • Woody Harrelson
  • Elizabeth Banks
  • Julianne Moore
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman

Description: After destroying the Games forever in Catching Fire, Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) finds herself the reluctant face of a full-fledged rebellion against the ruthless President Snow (Donald Sutherland). From the mysterious District 13, believed by the rest of the districts to have been destroyed by Snow decades earlier, Katniss plots to rescue Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), a captive of the Capitol suffering horrific tortures. Working with new faces like President Coin (Julianne Moore) and former Gameskeeper Plutarch Heavensbee (Philip Seymour Hoffman), in addition to old allies like mentor Haymitch Abernathy (Woody Harrelson), publicist Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks) and childhood friend Gale Hawthorne (Liam Hemsworth), Katniss brings the fight to Snow in a fiery conflict that will decide the future of Panem.

Director(s): Francis Lawrence

Writer(s): Danny Strong Peter Craig

Release Date: November 21st, 2014