Tag: Thief

Description: In 2011, Eidos Montreal revived esteemed RPG Deux Ex with remarkable success; in 2014, the Canadian developer will aim to replicate that success with their reimagining of another PC lodestone: cult classic Thief. That’s right, after a lengthy ten-year hiatus, the industry’s very own stealth pioneer is set to weave its back into the gaming zeitgeist with style. Originally planned to release exclusively on seventh generation systems, Eidos recently shuffled their developing cards to bring the first-person title to PS4 and Xbox One as well. As such, the studio has layered volumetric lighting and a refined combat system to bring Garrett’s clandestine tale to life like never before. In terms of story, Thief will explore a familiar haves and have nots plot, with Garrett stalking the shadow of The Barron; an out-of-control tyrant that rules over The City with an iron fist. Heck, if you enjoy a spot of old fashioned masochism, the game will also feature the all-new Ironman mode; a difficulty spike that will force players to restart from square one should they fail or die (gulp!). Drawing from the steampunk, Victorian aesthetic of 2012’s Dishonoured, Thief aims to reclaim the throne it once ruled.

Release Date: February 25th, 2014

Developer(s): Eidos Montreal